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PHOOEY Architects Stick House PHOOEY Architects Stick House PHOOEY Architects Stick House PHOOEY Architects Stick House

Stick House

Most aspects of sustainable house design are invisible. Orientation to north, location of thermal mass, and appropriate sun shading – these are the most obvious signs of a solar passive home, and all can be achieved in any architectural style you like … The key challenge for architects today is to establish a sustainable aesthetic.

Few have taken up this challenge more vigorously than PHOOEY Architects. Take the Stick House in Fitzroy North: a simple renovation and extension, the most straightforward of Victorian terrace alterations, conventional in its planning and inhabitation … The most remarkable aspect of this project is its visual quality, achieved through the selection and application of just one material – radial-sawn timber sticks.

The Stick House project is simple and unified. If it looks a bit like a primitive hut – more devolution than evolution … Going back to past, mining our own history and relearning things we have forgotten what constitutes a renaissance of low energy design. Instead of being a sublime machine, Le Corbusier’s old ‘machine for living’, the Stick House has a rustic, natural quality, like a half woven basket. It’s an increase in efficiency, ironically represented by an excess of material, and a billboard for sustainability.

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