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The Renovators, Network TEN, 2011

During 2011, Peter Ho was a judge on Network TEN’s, The Renovators

Network TEN & SHINE Australia joined forces to create a groundbreaking renovation show, the scale of which has never been seen before on Australian television. They scoured the country to find the very best renovators from all States, from all skill sets & from all age groups, all with a proven record in transforming properties & profiting from them.

Renovations were undertaken on a range of properties in varying degrees of dilapidation, from a fibro cottage to a 60’s suburban to an inner city terrace, each attempting to increase its value which will be determined in a massive finale auction. The task – to transform these nightmares into real estate gold.

The winner was the last remaining contestant responsible for the property that has increased most in value.

In addition to these renovations, the contestants regularly congregated at the central Renovator’s warehouse – the largest television set in Australia – where they were presented with design, decorating & construction challenges & “How To” workshops.

During his time on the show, Peter had alot of fun & also contributed designs for a Bathroom, Garden Seat, Dining Table, Kitchen & Billy Cart to the various “How To” workshops.

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The new Inventors Set

The New Inventors, ABC, 2006

During 2006, Peter Ho was an expert panellist on ABC’s THE NEW INVENTORS

The New Inventors’ was all about inventions and the inventors who created them. Each week three totally new, never-before-seen inventions were demonstrated, examined, prodded, pushed, pulled (and occasionally dropped) by host James O’Loghlin’s cohort of expert judges. The inventors didn’t get off lightly either – being subjected to a barrage of questions on every aspect of the invention; it’s design and market, it’s originality and manufacture, it’s safety and need. Whilst analysis of inventions was rigorous, the show always recognised the amazing and inspiring stories of the inventors themselves, celebrating the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the human mind, and the determination and hard work of those who dream big dreams, and then slave away to make them real.

Thrown into the mix were entertaining, informative and even funny segments on the history of inventing, inventions of the future, and about some of the extraordinary inventors who have helped shape our world.