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We made the last page! Not quite as exciting as the cover (which features an incredible Chilean home by Max Nunez Arquitectos), but still exciting! Thank you @thedesignguidenz 17 Jul 2019.

Celebrating with circles at Park House. 28 Jun 2019.

Pod House tiled facade bathed in Winter sunlight. And as interpreted in lego mastery by the Owners’ awesome kids! 26 Jun 2019.

St Kilda East House Northern facade. Design intent perfectly captured by the Builder as demonstrated by these before & after images. 20 Jun 2019.

We are feeling privileged to be working on a new fit-out to this beautiful house (Bonview) designed in 1993 by Simon Swaney Architects. 14 Jun 2019.

Glen Iris House welcomes the outside inside & manages its West-facing garden with a series of new adjustable screens. Operable louvred screens can be opened or closed to enable family members to selectively embrace, filter or rebuff the afternoon rays of sunlight. 07 Jun 2019.

Material palette for Doctors on Nicholson. Coming soon to 695-697 Nicholson St, Carlton North. @doctorsonnicholson @janetnix 31 May 2019.

#Family kitchen shenanigans at Glen Iris House! 20 May 2019.

Doctors on Nicholson is coming soon to 695-697 Nicholson St, Carlton North! @doctorsonnicholson @janetnix 17 May 2019.

Very happy to receive a surprise copy of Korean mag MARU (vol 206, May 2019) in today’s post. Featuring our favourite Cubo House! 15 May 2019.

Sunset & adjustable screens. Third floor balcony view from our Brisbane multi-residential apartments. 14 May 2019.

Perhaps a good place for hiding easter eggs? This is still our most impressive staircase to date. Winding over three levels in the centre of Cubo House. The chandelier is made from upcycled pieces of the old stair. 23 Apr 2019.

We are excited to be featured this week by the awesome @melbournecofo starting with this image of our favourite Cubo House. 03 Apr 2019.

Beautiful kids helping out at Park House. 03 Mar 2019.

Building Permit received today for our eagerly awaited Archie! 01 Mar 2019.

Super fun shoot at Brisbane multi-residential apartments with the amazing @peterbbennetts last week! 26 Feb 2019.

Defects Inspection for our exciting Brisbane multi-residential apartments this coming Monday! 08 Feb 2019.

Building Permit received for our new home-office! Landing soon in our Fitzroy North back yard. 01 Feb 2019.

Seriously impressed by the incredible progress & lovingly crafted spaces at Alphington House. 08 Nov 2018.

Park House rear claddings & solar screens nearing completion. 07 Nov 2018.

Some lovely shots of our Earlwood House, now with windows! Photos & Owner-Builder inspiration by the fabulous @neenster & @begnik XX 06 Nov 2018.

Found these old images of our Kaleidoscope warehouse fit-out (completed 2003). Fondly remembering the old days of building cardboard models & colouring in with pencils. 17 Aug 2018.

New steel-framed circular opening lovingly set into refurbished brickwork at Park House entry. 09 Aug 2018.

Visiting Little Chef at Pod House. One upcycled piece of the old kitchen linoleum floor inspired the new bathroom colour scheme. 30 Jul 2018.

A few Park House shots from the Builder. Framing complete! 22 Jul 2018.

Our Carpet Couch + Office will be enthusiastically featured as part of Open House Melbourne from 10am-4pm next Sat 28th July (booked tix only). For more info visit: @openhousemelb #OHMWeekend. 20 Jul 2018.

Fortunately we still keep a train set at the office for stop motion #family school holiday fun! 17 Jul 2018.

Park House framing almost complete! 13 Jul 2018.