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PHOOEY Architects

In summary, PHOOEY Architects is a family design studio specialising in sustainable architecture, heritage, upcycling, adaptation & reuse.
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

In more detail, PHOOEY Architects is an enthusiastic and progressive design practice specialising in sustainable architecture & interior design. Many PHOOEY projects have received prestigious awards and world-wide publication. We place great emphasis on listening to and working closely with our clients & project teams to achieve their project aims.

PHOOEY projects typically aim to:
- Provide a resilience which enables them to comfortably adapt to social, technological, climatic & other changes over time;
- Elegantly capture their client briefs;
- Be finely detailed;
- Be functional & energy efficient; &
- Minimise waste.

PHOOEY is internationally recognised for their employment of innovative re-use & adaptation strategies that sensitively enable new life to be breathed into old places. This includes:
- Re-using salvaged materials & building elements;
- Re-purposing materials & building elements;
- Re-inventing redundant buildings & places; &
- Complementing & conserving heritage buildings & heritage places.

Our range of delivered projects includes a diversity of residential, commercial, institutional buildings and environs, extending in complexity/ detail from urban design into one-off bathroom and furniture design.

We are experienced providers of full project services comprising master-planning, feasibility studies, design, documentation and construction contract superintendence. We are also able to contribute partial design services tailored to suit each client and project’s unique preference.

We also do a bit of building on the side & enjoy delivering small Design & Construct projects now & then.

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Peter Ho Director

B Arch, Uni Melb 1996 (Hons)
BPD (Arch), Uni Melb 1992
ARBV (since 2000) 15542
AIA (A+) 26593

Peter has more than twenty five years of architectural experience on major building projects ranging from high-rise towers in Ho Chi Minh City & New York; opera houses in Cardiff Bay; multi-residential apartments in Melbourne and Spittelau; houses & beach houses in Melbourne and London, not only in his current role, but also while previously employed by renowned international design practices including Zaha Hadid in London, Denton Corker Marshall in Hong Kong & Gregory Burgess, Peter Corrigan & Nonda Katsalidis in Melbourne.

As a registered architect, Peter has conceived & resolved many of the above projects, co-ordinated teams of consultants as well as individually completed projects from the beginning to the end.

Peter is a regular public speaker around Australia and overseas. His abilities to conceive innovative ideas and to effectively communicate are evidenced in his successful media career, including television roles as a judge on Network TEN’s THE RENOVATORS & previously as an expert panelist on ABC’s THE NEW INVENTORS. These experiences have further developed his value and appreciation of great Australian design ideas & been a great opportunity for Peter to share his ideas relative to architecture & sustainability with mainstream Australia.

Emma Young, PHOOEY

Emma Young Director

B Arch, RMIT 1997
B Sc Env Des, UCan 1992
Grad Cert Bus Prop, RMIT 2007
ARBV 15569
BOAQ 5070
AIA (A+) 21874

Emma typically leads the project team and project manages the design, documentation & delivery of each project.

Emma is a registered architect (since 2000) & has lead the PHOOEY Architects team since its establishment in 2002. She has more than twenty five years of design & project architectural experience on small and large building projects, not only in her current role, but also while previously employed by renowned design practices including Lyons, Max May & Rijavec Architects.

Over the years she has been responsible for all aspects of the design, development & delivery of a diversity new and renovated residential, multi-residential, institutional & commercial projects. She has coordinated teams of consultants and has individually completed projects from the beginning to the end.

Emma has also superintended many construction contracts. This service enables quality, cost & performance to be professionally managed during the construction phase. Emma’s participation in this project phase has benefited many client & builder relationships and enabled the successful delivery of many projects.

PHOOEY Family at MU Exhibition 2

Family Design Studio

PHOOEY Architects is a family design studio run by husband & wife team, Peter Ho & Emma Young.
We are motivated by the provision of quality design, service & delivery.
We care about people. We value & respect our contractors & consultants and we provide a personal & friendly service.
We place great emphasis on listening and working closely with our clients to achieve their project aims.