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Projects: Houses

Pod House

Pod House is named after the series of 3 x new pods which have been created along the Western boundary of this existing double-fronted federation house in East Brunswick. The Northern pod houses a bath and is ancillary to it’s adjacent bathroom. The two Southern pods each house a double-bed and are ancillary to their adjacent bedrooms. Each pod has a Northern highlight window and a Southern view toward a tiny private garden space – not large enough to be habitable, but large enough to support plants & to enable the infusion of light & air into each space.

We retained and restored a great deal of the existing house. The demolition of the old rear lean-to was perfectly timed as it was ready to fall off. And we all decided that it would be lovely to retain & extend the open-plan living area which extended entirely from front to back. The idea place for the Kitchen was determined to be facing the back-yard, so the challenge was to bring light and air into a South-facing Kitchen. This was achieved via a voluminous plywood-clad cathedral ceiling (influenced a little by the ResCode envelope), with surrounding clerestory windows.

The house is located on a quiet street in a friendly neighbourhood, so the North-facing front window became an element which could peel back entirely to welcome the outside inside. A luxurious purple daybed lies immediately inside, offering the family sunny street musings.

The owners love colour and were not afraid to use it. The colours were balanced with Lexicon white walls, ceilings & tiles. Richly stained timber floors, plywood architraves, shelving & feature internal claddings bring a natural warmth.

The first colour selections were made consequent to a desire to retain a small portion of vinyl flooring from the old kitchen. We decided to place this into the new powder room, therefore inspiring the selection of wall tile colours for all wet areas.

We had some Tretford carpet leftover from our earlier Trugo-GoGo project. Lettuce Leaf was delightfully placed in the new entry, hallway & kids rooms. Whereas Silver Birch was more elegantly placed in the Master Bedroom, to respond playfully with a transitioning palette of silvers and purples (and complemented by a brand new Deep Purple racing stripe).

A South-facing Study overlooks the back yard, while also engaging strongly with the adjacent Kitchen. Sliding doors transition from blue to green (also concealing a sneaky European Laundry) and slide entirely away to merge the two spaces, enabling maximum gourmet multi-tasking productivity.

For no particular reason the front facade had to be green. And tiled. And became a pixelated transition from the darkness of ground to the lightness of sky. A bench seat was also built in, creating a lovely sunny place to sit & engage with the street.