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Projects: Houses

Butterfly House

Sustainable alterations & additions to the rear of an existing Edwardian dwelling.

A butterfly roof opens towards the sun providing morning and afternoon light to the kitchen & study. In between are volumes that extend the internal areas into framed garden spaces. Rather than living in a large box, the family rooms offer several open-plan spaces which flexibly enable togetherness or solitude.

Behind the butterfly are highlight windows bringing light & warmth to wet areas and the central hallway which joins the new spaces to the existing double-fronted dwelling.

Low cost yet resilient materials have been assembled utilising standard construction techniques, enabling the project to be fulfilled within a reasonable budget.

Thermal mass walls store & release heat. Solar arrays & hot water rest upon the roof. Water tanks collect water for use inside the house & for watering the garden.

New rear living areas offer comfort & delight to a family of four and frame three unique garden views beyond.

Most of these photos were snapped in 2014, following ten years of comfortable occupation.