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Children's Activity Centre

… Here they turn to abandoned shipping containers to create an activity centre for children. Though containers have now become a familiar staple of re-appropriation for all sorts of things, PHOOEY put them to energetic use, stacking them, slicing them, and cutting them to create a thoroughly durable and dignified assemblage that rejoices in the colorful bricolage of its origins.

A variety of types of indoor and outdoor spaces are created from the simple expedient of stacking and staggering a couple of containers. There’s a multi-functional room (for study, painting, dancing and lounging about) lined with chequered carpet tiles. Above, a series of lounges, decks and balconies provide shade in summer while winter comfort is achieved through orientation and insulation. Around the tree lined site are an assortment of sand pits and play areas.

All materials were scavenged, salvaged or recycled. Container walls were simply cut up to form awnings and balustrades and their surfaces left unpainted, so the original superscale graphics are still visible, albeit now gloriously cannibalised. All this is achieved on a predictably meagre budget, but shows what you can do with a bit of persistence and imagination. PHOOEY should go far.

Slessor, C (2007), ‘Remake, Remodel’, The Architectural Review, December, pp 82-83.