5 Circle Place
Fitzroy North
VIC, 3068
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Projects: Houses

Circle Place Additions

We’d been dreaming for years of extending the house to occupy the dysfunctional south-facing front garden, overlooking Linear Park.
Along the way, we realised we needed a little more upper floor space, so decided to cantilever the kids’ beds over the rear deck. This also created shade for the North-facing Living glazing below & resulted in a dynamic rear facade.
Pete is a passionate upcycler & learned to weld during one of the covid lockdowns. He’ll be utilising these skills to transform our collection of salvaged flyscreens into a shade/ privacy/ security & decorative ensemble fixed to the new front facade. He is Owner-Building & so the building works occur in between life events such as work, uni & kids.
This is an exciting work in progress which continually delights us as it edges toward the finish line…