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Projects: Interiors

DesignEX Seminar Theatre

For DesignEX at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, this project investigated how waste streams produced by many of this year’s DesignEX exhibitors could be upcycled to perform the functional requirements of the Seminar Theatre.

More than 30 exhibitors’ factories & warehouses around Melbourne were visited to understand the waste generated by their custom designed products during production & installation. This exercise was assisted by Möbius Materials Recovery, a specialist in the collection & sorting of commercial, industrial, construction & demolition waste. During site visits we were able to understand what waste was produced by each exhibitor, how they managed their waste, how the waste could be downcycled & consideration for upcycle.

Commercially, the exhibitors salvage their end of rolls, remnants & off-cuts where possible for use in their products, use in a future job, collected for recycling & reused by others.

Vinyl ends of rolls were reused as a flexibly sized wall cladding able to be prefabricated off-site, quickly installed & de-installed on-site. They were returned to the exhibitor & able to stored in the warehouse for future sale. Timber off-cuts were converted into a curtain screen. Remnant fabrics became cushion covers. Benchtop ends were joined to create new tabletop. Recycled carpet tiles became lounge seating.

Proudly sponsored by:
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