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Guggenheim Helsinki

The competition for the new Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki requested an innovative, multidisciplinary museum of art and design.

PHOOEY’s proposal collects site artefacts, preserves contributory memories & re-interprets them.

South Harbor is identified by its maritime history including cultural memories & embodied energy from site.

Useful components are salvaged from the existing Makäsiini Terminal & are upcycled.

Guggenheim Helsinki is identified by these embedded memories integrated with sustainable initiatives.

Reused elements include a projected cast of the entry facade for the entry, laminated timber portal frames from the concourse for the concourse & passenger deck to connect visitors to the exhibitions.

The Museum elevation is scaled to the city facade & moving cruisers. Salvaged components articulate the facades & mark the skyline.

The harbor precinct extends into site. Museum frames views, addresses the Market Hall & activated all year round.

Sixty-eight percent of the site is public & internal activities are visible from the outside.

Local & salvaged timbers are used to navigate through the Museum to exhibition & events.