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VIC, 3068
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Projects: Houses

Pod House

A colourfully renovated home which welcomes sunny street musings.

Three new “pods” utilise a small strip of land down the side of the house & introduce a dedicated bathing room and two boudoirs, each ancillary to their larger adjacent spaces.

The new house blurs the boundary between inside and outside by welcoming sunlight and garden views into each space.

The colour scheme was initially inspired by an upcycled piece of linoleum flooring, then some recycled carpet and eventually culminated in a luxurious purple daybed, the perfect place for lounging about.

The whole renovation has been carefully crafted to enable infusion of foliage, light & cross ventilation.

In the words of the Owners:

PHOOEY turned a dark, cramped house into a light, welcoming home that is a joy to be in every day. The bedrooms provide special, private spaces, while the living area, with its wonderfully multi-purpose built-in couch (daybed, TV couch, play space), brings the family together. The kitchen is spacious and open – great to cook in, and to spend time in with friends and family. The use of colour outside and throughout the house is a continuing delight. It is a pleasure to live in such a thoughtful, beautiful design, so custom-built to our lives, our needs and our tastes.
Thankyou! And for all your patience and hard work along the way.