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Pods at Officer Town Centre

PHOOEY worked with Places Victoria (formerly VicUrban) to develop the new buildings in station square, opposite the proposed Cardinia Shire Council Municipal building at Officer Town Centre.

The heritage & culture of Officer will be celebrated through the materiality & form of the buildings. Officer’s past will be used to create its future.

PHOOEY have investigated the potential of significant remnant building parts scattered around Officer. Various elements will be salvaged upon their demolition, then accommodated, crafted, fashioned both functionally & decoratively to become a part of the new building.

Together with valuable input from the local community (& Village Well) PHOOEY have created a timeline which demonstrates critical cultural moments that have occurred during Officer’s history. Some of these moments will be represented in a variety of architectural forms for the proposed building. This is an opportunity for the many stories of Officer’s past & generations to be told again & again.

While celebrating the past, the buildings will contain a diversity of technological features to enable their future sustainability & adaptation to change.

Some programs are yet to be determined, others will comprise strategic & versatile mixes of commercial, retail & office space. Materials will be robust & spaces will be designed to enable the occupation of a variety of inhabitants during their lifespan.

One building will also inhabit a new commercial cooking college, including classrooms, offices, cafe, bar & formal 500 person function room with commercial kitchen.