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Toorak House

The first stage involved minor modifications & additions to resolve a Lapsed Building Permit & achieve a Certificate of Occupancy to an incomplete double storey masonry dwelling.

The second stage required the installation of a new elevator to enable wheelchair accessibility to all three levels. This was also an opportunity to provide texture & modulation to an otherwise bleak masonry facade & stark interior, while at the same time improving the privacy, efficiency & overall comfort of the building.

Modifications to Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Robes required strategic wall & door relocation, provision of new appliances, fixtures, fittings, finishes & joinery. All modified spaces were carefully designed to provide increased amenity & accessibility while limiting unnecessary expenditure.

The existing basement was made habitable and its existing incomplete stairs & stud walls were salvaged for adaptation & re-use. A new spatially efficient spiral stair was provided adjacent to the new lift.

The existing lighting scheme (largely comprising wall mounted batten holders) has been carefully revised to minimise rewiring & consequent re-plastering, while cleverly enabling the incorporation of some beautiful low energy fittings.

The front facade additions include new sliding solar shading devices to protect extensive existing windows from the harsh West sunlight. The existing chrome plated steel element of the existing front fence was covered by a timber screen that compliments the above new sun shading devices.

The internal & external timber screen & fence elements have been designed to utilise off-cuts & salvaged materials creating a statement about recycling & sustainability while improving the energy efficiency & comfort of the dwelling. The hit & miss technique utilised results in a permeable screen which offers some privacy while retaining the interactive frontage or space behind.

The existing glazed front door offered no weather protection nor amenity. It & the dysfunctional entry room behind it were modified to become a warm & welcoming new covered entry alcove, which can also comfortably accommodate wheelchairs & kids bikes.

Link to view the kitchen & laundry.