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Projects: Interiors


The brief was to spruce up an old warehouse space adjoining the existing ZINC office, to create a gymnasium with adjunct facilities/ office, store room, lounge area, massage room & “ideation” room (where great ideas are inspired). As the project developed, the brief was increased to include a renovation of the existing entry foyer and the fit-out of a new reception, waiting & meeting room.

The new spaces supplement & pay homage to the existing ZINC office fit-out (designed by Michelle Negus) while also celebrating the ZINC brand. ZINC are a brand promotion business whose own brand focuses on the energetic innovation & straight shooting professionalism customarily exhibited by the ZINC team.

Both the project & delivered facilities were able to harness the energy which results from effective teamwork. During the construction period, PHOOEY worked closely with the Client & Builder (SVS Projects) to achieve affordable & innovative construction & material strategies. This collaborative relationship enabled logic to prevail & for even better techniques to evolve as the project took shape.

This project proves that too many stripes are never enough! The stripey concept was conceived (in the client’s preferred colour palette) to celebrate existing linear features (steps & ceiling grids). It also enabled the modular proportions of new materials (ceramic & carpet tiles, LED strips, etc.) to be assembled so that previously neglected spaces could be energised without excessive expenditure.

Cloudy sky ceiling images, low energy LED strip lighting & strategically placed mirrors bring the outside into dark interiors & give the impression of infinite space.

Functionally, the new fit-out delivers a series of flexible spaces which enable their occupants to do what they do best. ZINC team members are able to work, exercise & relax without leaving the premises, encouraging a positive work-life balance.

Each space was carefully future-proofed to comfortably accommodate ZINC team members & guests, to enable multiple functions & longer term adaptation.