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Bonview House

Bonview House was a beautiful yet tired family home, initially designed in 1993 by Simon Swaney & James Milledge and strongly reflecting the Australian vernacular of that era.

The bones of the existing design were sensitively retained & embellished. Renovations were limited to an upgrade to the existing thermal envelope, new solar awnings, cabinetry, electrical fittings, internal claddings, floor finishes & window furnishings.

High performing acoustic reverberation within the voluminous open-plan Living space now enables piano practice & TV viewing at each end, while a meal is prepared in the centre, even during a storm!

The new central Kitchen no longer obscures sight lines from one side to the other, allowing the Owners to interact with others while cooking and while keeping eye on kids playing outside or in the pool.

The house now offers a warm, welcoming and calming atmosphere which encourages life to unfold on display.

In the words of the Owners:

Having lived in our house for 10 years there were aspects we loved, but it was difficult to live in and energy inefficient. Temperature control, shading, noise and an impractical kitchen layout were the main issues.

Our house is now so much cooler and quieter – it has become a true haven. We love music and the sound quality has improved so much.

One of the unexpected benefits was that the response to the practical issues of acoustics and shading add so much so beauty. We have busy lives and really appreciate the peace and sanctuary of this home.