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The Lodge On The Lake

This Design Ideas Competition entailed the design of a new official residence for the Prime Minister of Australia, including various ancillary residential, office & function spaces and located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

The PHOOEY entry comprised a collection of familiar yet unwanted suburban period houses (currently available on the market from relocation specialists) which were relocated from around Australia, then strategically re-assembled on site.

To enable their travel, the houses were cut into pieces small enough to comply with the nationwide road transport regulations.

A collection of second hand materials & furnishings were also acquired & brought to site. These, along with the houses themselves were up-cycled to increase the functional & decorative performance of the resulting project.

The leftovers (including cut houses) were also reused, adapted, refurbished & retrofitted to create modern edges which protect a central courtyard & which celebrate the nation’s up-cycled treasures.

Interiors were refurbished using Australian products up-cycled to complement the Australiana Fund & other historic collections.

Exteriors were retrofitted to increase resilience & environmental performance and to celebrate the traditional form of the great Australian suburban period house.

Australians will rest assured the Lodge is the retreat of the nation’s collective conscience.